About the Academy


At Brainy Speech & Debate Academy, we offer top quality debate and public speaking training for students in grades 3 to 12 at all levels. We hold in-person classes in Toronto and Montreal, and online classes for students across Canada.

We welcome students with a wide range of experience. We help young debaters compete in local, national and international competitions. Meanwhile, we also support shy students develop confidence and skills that help improve their studies.

In addition, we are the official training partner of the Panamanian Debate Association (ASPADE), providing world-class training to Team Panama (English) to help its members prepare for the World School Debate Championship (WSDC). 

Unique aspects of our program

All our instructors are top debaters in Canada with years of experience coaching elementary and high school students. We make sure that our students are learning from highly competent and caring instructors.

We also maintain a low instructor to student ratio (1:6 in our beginner classes, and 1:8 in our intermediate & competition classes) so that students can get plenty of valuable feedback and speaking time. Each student receives comprehensive progress reports and feedback throughout the school term.

In addition, we have resources for students to learn from outside of class time. This includes pre-recorded video lessons, and informational guides. 

Moreover, we assist students interested in competitive debate to register, prepare, and participate in local, national, and international competitions. 

Community Involvement & Scholarship

We believe in equality of opportunities and the values that debate and public speaking training can bring to students. However, we also reckon that high quality debate and public speaking training are often financially prohibitive to students from disadvantaged families. 

Although there is only so much we can do to amend this situation as a small business, we strive to reduce the barriers to access to public speaking and debate training.

Thus, we welcome opportunities to work with public schools and community organizations. We also offer scholarships to talented competitive debaters from underrepresented and/or disadvantaged groups.